Kids at work DIY Chestnut Kit

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A new assortment of nifty DIY ideas are brought to life with the latest range from Corvus. The Kids at work DIY Chestnut Kit is a part of this innovative range will inspire and foster creativity amongst young minds and encourage them to explore new ways of originality and skills. They’ll be kept busy and entertained with their new collection of projects - both you and your child will be proud of the results achieved.

The Kids at work DIY Chestnut Kit consists of:

- Hand drill bits for Wood and Chestnuts
- Toadstool Chestnut Holder & Nutcracker
- 300 wooden toothpicks

Contents: Set of 3 hand drills - 2, 3 and 4mm, Conker-holder – can be used also as a nutcracker, and 300 wooden toothpicks. The conkers (chestnuts) are not included in this kit.