When will my package be shipped?
You can find all the shipping information here.

I made my order but forgot something, can I still add it?
I'm sorry but we can't add items to an existing order.

Can I preview items and shop/pick-up at your place?
We don't offer pick-up or shop moments for now. But keep an eye on our Instagram or website because we might reconsider ;-)


Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Blauberg, Belgium. As a matter of fact, I build my dream home next to my grandparents and parents home. Never thought we would stay in this small hamlet but we love it now! You can find more about me here.

What does 'A Wilder Home' mean?
It's my dream to see a shift in our society from performance based learning and living to a more experienced based one. I want to create a setting in which we can be wild and free to experiment, craft, wander and finally slow down. I think we lost a lot of those things. At the same time, children are just really wild and free. So I think 'A Wilder Home' fits both the untamed and tender parts.

Where do you find inspiration?
I love graphic design, visiting flea markets (ask my husband, he is very happy with this one :-P), well-designed spaces & shops, wild gardens with flowers and vegetables, traveling to new places, growing plants, being busy with my interior, having deep en real conversations, see babies being born, photograph all the above, reading books & crafting of course. To sum it all up: I love to create.

What were you doing before you started A Wilder Home?
I studied Graphic Design and worked as a graphic designer for 2 months. It was obvious this was not my cup of tea in the real world (I missed the creative part) so I started photographing as a hobby. It soon turned into my career and over the last 12 years I shot over 200 weddings, captured beautiful events, had the honor of seeing a lot of children fashion brands grow. In 2020 I became a doula and birth photographer and started shooting stock photography as well. I'm still, with all my heart, involved with it but in a more calm way. Photography will forever be my passion but having children made me slow down and now I only book the things I like and be able to do with 2 rascals beside me growing older.