Grapat Advent Calendar 2023 Limited Edition Pre-Order

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We could have never guest the love and orders we received in 2022 when we started selling these grapat calendars.
 Since we sold out in 2 days in 2022 we decided to open up for pre-order in 2023 and let our 'out of stock' subscribers know first. So here we are! Let's enjoy the new and limited stock for 2023 and order soon. We'll ship them in October 2023. If you like to order other things too, please know we will ship them together in October or make 2 separate orders. Thanks for your understanding.

This is the second limited edition of our Grapat advent calendar, made of 24 boxes containing different limited-edition surprises that link back to invitations to play and rituals proposed for each day of advent. This year we teamed up with some creatives, working together on a booklet full of ideas, traditions and inspiration to guide you through this wonderful time of the year. Let's count the days until Christmas.

Produced exclusively in 2023.


#1: Four candles and four elements for the waldorf kingdoms ⁄ #2: Tió ⁄ #3: Wooden stones ⁄ #4: Snowflake craft / #5: Finger puppet ⁄ #6: Xmas cookies ⁄ #7: Fairy craft set ⁄ #8: Little drumsticks ⁄ #9: Embroidery set ⁄ #10: Bulb babies ⁄ #11: Game of senses ⁄ #12: Amulet craft set ⁄ #13: Little mushrooms ⁄ #14: Silent bell ⁄ #15: Rainbow dice ⁄ #16: Treasure bag craft ⁄ #17: Wooly family ⁄ #18: Popcorn garland craft ⁄ #19: Cocoa cups ⁄ #20: String of pearls ⁄ #21: Magical city ⁄
#22: Night owl ⁄ #23: Joyful Nin ⁄ #24: Surprise!


You can re-use the boxes because an extra sticker sheet with numbers  is added! 

Suitable for 3+ years.

Grapat toys are hand made using natural wood and water-based stain. Colours and wood grains vary as does life itself. Over time wood can wear with play.