Our biggest candles for the longest evenings. A group of couple or more makes a statement table centerpiece.

Candles are handmade in Lithuania from local farmers' beeswax, they are natural and non-toxic, no artificial colour or scent is added. As a natural material beeswax may vary in tone from bright yellow to darker tones of brown. Candles may change their hue slightly with time or when kept in direct sunlight.

For even burning place a candle in straight position on an even fireproof surface in a still environment. It is recommended that a candle burns a couple of hours without interruption. To end burning we recommend bending the wick into a liquid beeswax with some fireproof tool; after doing so straighten the wick back. Always take cautions when burning, do not leave them unattended!

  • Big Beeswax Candle burns about 60 hours 
  • 100% pure beeswax, 100% cotton wick
  • 5 cm diameter, 24 cm long